Reflecting Timeless Design in Your New Home Build

Written by Christina Johnson

Addilay Homes & Remodeling, Selection Coordinator


With new interior design trends flooding the market every year, the task of creating an interior with timeless appeal is a daunting task.  For each new build, the design dilemma remains the same: how to integrate trends that will make your home feel current and fresh while avoiding trends that will fade and prematurely date your new home.

Here’s a list of suggestions to help give your home design longevity.

  1. If you’re using a single material through a prominent area of your home, i.e. flooring, pick something that will age well.  If you absolutely must have that chippy, highly distressed plank flooring, incorporate it into a small space, such as a powder room. That way you won’t have so much invested if you need to upgrade in several years.

  2. Nailed down = neutral. There’s ample opportunity to personalize your space using items that can be easily switched out in the future. Lighting is a perfect example of a design element that makes a big impression and personalizes a space, but can be changed without causing havoc.

  3. As you make design decisions, be sure to pause and visualize your life ten years down the road. You may love something now because it’s splashed all over Pinterest. But if you’re not sure you’ll love it a decade from now, choose to integrate the trend through decorating instead of through your design selections.

  4. Unless you love to paint, choose hybrid paint colors for open areas of your home. While gray is now all the rage, it wasn’t long ago that beige reigned supreme. Pick an interior color, such as a greige, which can bridge both warm and cool tones to give your space longevity. Some of my personal favorites are Sherwin Williams Anew Gray and Colonnade Gray.

  5. Avoid extremes. In design, too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing. Think about entering a home where every square inch is covered with wall paper. At one point this home was probably the crowning jewel of the block, but now it reeks of bygone decades.  The same is true of today’s trends. If you find a trend you love, pick specific areas of your home to thoughtfully implement it without overwhelming your entire space.

It goes without saying, trends are cyclical. They come and go. It’s impossible to avoid all tell-tale era markers in your home. That said, by observing the suggestions above, you can create an interior for your home that will remain attractive for decades to come.